Club Policies

Club members, families and guests are expected to abide by the Club’s policies. We hope these will assist you to enjoy the Club’s facilities in a safe and enjoyable way. For assistance with any of these policies, please contact [email protected]

Court Booking Rules

Courts are available to members on a first come, first served basis in May and October.

Online court booking begins June 15 through September 15. 

There are no phones, no court attendants or ways to see bookings at the courts. If you want to see your booking, please use your own device to check online.

Booking Rules

Courts may be booked 7 days in advance starting at 8AM

Courts are booked on the hour from 7AM -6PM

Booking is 1 hour minimum and 2 hours maximum per member/day. If courts are available, members can also make a last minute booking within 2 hours of the court time

We ask all members to cancel courts if your plans have changed.  Our booking system enables a wait-list for court cancellations so other members will want to access the courts

Courts are blocked off for club round robins, tournaments and kids camp


Membership Policy

Membership is currently closed.

Lake of Bays Tennis Club Bylaws (Section 8 Membership – abbreviated) – dated: June 13, 2023

We have 2 available membership types – Individual and Family. Lifetime membership is no longer available. 

Criteria for membership:

Individual membership – an individual who owns or leases real property on Lake of Bays and is 18 years old or older (the “Individual Member”). An Individual Member is entitled to vote at all meetings of Members

Family membership – an individual who owns or leases real property on Lake of Bays, and is 18 years old or older (the “Family Member”) and such Family Member’s family, including spouse or partner, their children, their children’s spouse/partner and their grandchildren, so long as all individuals within the family reside at the same address that is owned or leased on Lake of Bays. Only one representative of the family membership is entitled to vote at all meetings of Members

Lifetime membership – the rights of lifetime memberships as per the original bylaws will be upheld. See details below. Only one representative of the lifetime membership is entitled to vote at all meetings of Members

Membership Dues- if dues are not paid within 90 days of the membership renewal date, the Members in default shall automatically cease to be Members of the Club

Termination – Membership automatically terminates if: (i) the Member resigns, (ii) the annual dues are not paid, (iii) the Member no longer owns or leases real property on Lake of Bays, (iv) the Member is expelled.

Discipline or Termination of a Member

  1. Upon 15 days’ written notice to a Member, the Board may pass a resolution authorizing disciplinary action or the termination of Membership for (i) violating any provision of the Articles, Code of Conduct or other policies, By-laws (ii) carrying out any conduct which may be detrimental to the Corporation as determined by the Board in its sole discretion (iii) or any other reasons calling for discipline in the view of the Board.
  2. The notice shall set out the reasons for the disciplinary action or termination of membership. The Member receiving the notice shall be entitled to give the Board a written submission opposing the disciplinary action or termination not less than 5 days before the end of the 15-day period. The Board shall consider the written submission of the Member before making a final decision regarding disciplinary action or termination of membership.
  3. Termination of a Member pursuant to section 8.05(a) requires a vote of no less than two-thirds of the Directors.

Termination of Family membership includes all individuals within their Family membership.

Lake of Bays Tennis Club Membership Policies

Only the Member has the right to change membership type

  • A member with an Individual Membership can apply for a Family Membership and will be required to pay the difference in Initiation fees at the time of the application.
  • The member of a family membership can apply to change to an Individual Membership. No members of the family may play at the club after this change has been made (except under guest policies)

Only the Member can add or remove individuals within the Family or Life Membership ( based on the Club’s criteria for membership)

  • The Club must be notified in writing if the member is deceased or if a person is removed from a family membership.
  • Family may be added at any time (who meet the criteria of family membership) by updating the online membership records

In the event of illness or death of the Member, so long as their spouse/partner own or lease property on Lake of Bays, their spouse/partner can become the member upon written notification to the Club

  • Family Membership terminates upon the death of the original member and their spouse/partner

A Member can move to a new property on Lake of Bays that they own or lease, and retain the membership at the new address. The member must advise the Club. This does not apply if the new property is a second cottage

A Member’s siblings are not included in the Family membership. Siblings are guests and abide by guest policies.

  • If a member and their sibling co-own the Lake of Bays property, each are required to have a membership to play regularly at the Club.

Dues can be deferred for medical leave for a maximum of 2 years

  • If a Member is on medical leave, they, nor any member of their family, can play at the club during that time. Playing as a guest is not allowed

Membership is not transferrable. Membership cannot be extended to multiple properties

If an individual, who is currently part of a Family Membership, buys or leases a different property on Lake of Bays, they are no longer considered part of that original Family Membership and must apply for a new membership

  • Initiation fees and wait-list are waived so long as the application is made within 6 months of taking ownership of the new property

If a member and separated spouse/partner no longer jointly own or lease the Lake of Bays property, the spouse that no longer owns is no longer part of that family membership

  • If that individual owns or leases another property on Lake of Bays, they may apply for their own membership. Initiation and waitlist will be waived if the club is notified within 6 months of owning or leasing the new property

If a member and separated spouse/partner co-own the Lake of Bays property, there is no need for additional membership unless the property is shared by 2 families (we ask members to use common sense to define multiple families). If 2 families, then a 2nd membership is required. Initiation and waitlist will be waived

If a Member no longer plays tennis, membership cannot be transferred to their children. The membership must stay with the member who owns or leases property on Lake of Bays. The Member may choose to resign. Children of the member may only become members if they own or lease property on Lake of Bays

Members cannot transfer or give playing privileges to renters or guests of the member’s property. Members must play with guests and abide by guest policies

Lifetime membership includes (as stated in the original bylaws):

  • Lifetime members may defer annual dues for up to 2 years for any change of circumstance
  • Lifetime membership is not transferrable. When the original lifetime member and spouse are deceased, the lifetime membership expires. At that time, a son or daughter with a property on Lake of Bays may continue as members with no initiation fees. Annual dues will apply at the family or individual member rates. 
Guest Policy

Guests are welcome at the Lake of Bays Tennis Club. The objective of this policy is to enable guests to play at the Club’s facilities, while ensuring members do not use guest privileges to accommodate non-members who wish to play or join.

  1. The same guest can play up to a maximum of 4 times over the year (not 4 times with each member-friend)
  2. A family membership does not include the member’s siblings. Siblings are considered guests
  3. Guests must play with a member. Guests must wear appropriate attire and non-marking shoes.
  4. Members can bring a guest to ladies or men’s day
  5. Guests cannot play in club tournaments or any round robin’s designated as member only
  6. Members are responsible for their guests while at the courts and guests must abide by the club’s policies (code of conduct, health & safety)
  7. Guests are using the club’s facilities at their own risk. The club will not be held responsible for any injury or liability that arises from court usage. The club is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings
  8. There are no guest fees (at this time)
Code of Conduct

The objective of this policy is to ensure an enjoyable environment for members, employees and guests of the Lake of Bays Tennis Club (the “Club”) that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse, and violence. The Club’s goal is to be a friendly environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Member Responsibilities

By being accepted as a member of the Club, every member and persons within a family or lifetime membership are deemed to agree that their privileges, rights and conduct are governed by the Club Bylaws, and applicable policies.

The Club deems that upon payment of membership fees, all members (and their guests) have given their consent to be bound by this policy.


All members and guests will, at all times:

  • Conduct themselves in a respectful and polite manner
  • Respect the rights of all other members, staff, and directors
  • Not engage in any form of sexual harassment, racism, religious discrimination, bullying or any other forms of harassment
  • Not approach other members, guests, staff or directors with abusive conduct, threatening language or violent behavior
  • Not make inappropriate and disrespectful comments or gestures or use foul language towards members, guests, staff or directors
  • Support a positive environment and be respectful of the neighbours of the Club, by being mindful of excessive noise
  • Respect the Club’s facilities and equipment
  • Place all garbage and recycling in appropriate bins and tidy up bathrooms after use
  • All tennis players must wear appropriate tennis attire and non-marking shoes
  • Use only tennis related equipment on the courts
  • Abide by all local, provincial, and federal laws and regulations
  • Be an ambassador for the Club if representing the Club in the community or at other clubs

The Club is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings

The Club will not share our members’ email addresses or contact information with 3rd parties nor will we promote non club business.

Interaction with Staff, Management, and Directors 

Members must understand that:

  • They have no authority to instruct staff on duties or job performance
  • They may make suggestions to the directors regarding the operation of the Club for the betterment of the Club, but understand that their suggestions may or may not be used by the directors
  • They cannot discipline or disrespect staff members
  • That staff is tasked by the directors to enforce the bylaws and policies of the Club and should be treated with respect when they do so.

Deliberate or Unintended

Unacceptable conduct may be deliberate or unintended. The test is whether a reasonable person knows or ought to know that such behavior would be considered unwelcome or inappropriate by the recipient.


The Board of Directors has the authority to enforce this Code of Conduct Policy against any member or person within a family or lifetime membership who is in violation. This may include suspension of rights and privileges of the offending member and/or expulsion from the Club.

Health & Safety Policy

The objective of this policy is to provide guidance and procedures for the Lake of Bays Tennis Club (the “Club”) to meet its duty of care obligations. The Club is committed to maximising the safety and welfare of all its members, visitors, and guests.

Board of Directors Duties:

The Board is responsible for maintaining and following its Health & Safety policy and procedures. On an operational level, the Property Director is responsible for ensuring that appropriate maintenance measures are carried out.

 The Board will ensure the playing, social and working environment at the club is safe and free from reasonable risk in combination with its Code of Conduct policy. Courts and clubhouse are for Club uses only. Private lessons (by members or non-members) or any other non-club business cannot be conducted on Lake of Bays Tennis Club  property.

 The Club will provide appropriate First Aid equipment including an automated external defibrillator (AED) and ensure all First Aid equipment is functional, allowing staff or members to work or play in a safe and hazard free environment.

 The Club will ensure drinking water is tested twice throughout the season and will advise members via email as to when the first testing is completed and the water is potable.

Members Duties:

All members and persons within a Family or Lifetime membership are required to acknowledge the Club’s health and safety procedures as part of their membership.

 All Lake of Bays Tennis Club members are required to comply with this policy. Members have a personal responsibility for their own safety and behaviours.

 In the case of an accident, or an incident that could have led to an accident, members are required to inform the Chair or a member of the Board by telephone or email, following which a formal record will be created by the Club secretary and be retained by the Club. It is a condition of membership that all accidents or incidents that may have resulted in significant  injury are recorded.

 Property risk assessment:

The Club will carry out an annual risk assessment of the facility with a view to determining potential hazards. The Property Director is responsible for the preparation of the annual risk assessment report and will ensure review by the Board, no later than by mid-June of each year.

 Risk assessment will include the following for consideration:

  • Are surroundings safe and free from obstacles?
  • Are the courts and any other area fit and appropriate for tennis?
  • Is the AED functional and the code is visible for all to see?
  • Are bathrooms functional and safe for use?

 In the annual review, where a risk is identified, appropriate action to is to be taken, within a given time frame, to mitigate the risk.

Lake of Bays Kids Tennis Camp –  Health & Safety Policies and Emergency Procedures

The Club will provide First Aid training for its tennis camp staff (“Staff”). Staff who supervise swimming are required to be certified with their Bronze Cross in swimming as a qualification to be employed by the Club.

 All campers are required to have a completed Medical Form on the first day of camp. If a camper arrives without a medical form, the parent or guardian must complete a form onsite. If not done, the Staff will contact the parent or guardian to complete the form or ask the parent or guardian to pick up the camper.

 All incidents involving the safety of a camper, Staff or individual on Club property should be treated in accordance with first aid guidelines provided during training and must be recorded and reported immediately to the Head Instructor and a parent/guardian as needed. Camp Coordinators should be notified of significant incidents and will ensure the Board is promptly notified, if necessary. 

 In the case of an emergency, the staff will contact the emergency contact via phone to explain the situation. The emergency contact is expected to come to the Club to take their child home or to wherever they can be assisted. The Club will not transport a child without parental approval.

 The Staff will provide first aid for minor injuries on site. Parents or guardians will be advised of the minor injury and action taken.

 Campers must come prepared for camp with appropriate attire, including sunscreen, hat and approved PFD. A PFD is mandatory for Jellybean campers and PFD use for junior/teen campers is based on swimming ability. Staff is not required, nor will, apply sunscreen to campers.

 All campers and parents or guardians will comply with the Club’s Health and Safety Guidelines as set out on the Club website and in their camp registration confirmation email.


Fees 2024 (fees may change in future years)

Initiation Fees – 2024

Family membership: $1,000

Individual membership: $700

Member Annual Dues -2024 

Family: $300

Individual: $240