HIRING: 2022 Summer Tennis Camp Counsellors


Please send a cover letter and resume to apply. In your cover letter please include: 

  • prior experience at LBTC (as participant or instructor)
  • current tennis (OTA) certification (or details of intended courses), OTA level 1 preferred
  • current first aid and lifesaving certification (or plans to certify), Bronze Cross requested
  • leadership, organizational or personal attributes and strengths
  • The weeks during the summer that you would be available to instruct in the afternoons

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Emily Sternberg (esternberg1@gmail.com) and Caroline Mandell (cgibbings@gmail.com) by February 21.  You will be contacted for an interview after that date. 

 During your interview, please be prepared to discuss your credentials as well as:

  • Your desired areas for changes/improvement at the club and programs
  • What you thought worked well or did not work well from prior summers
  • Possible themes or cooperative games that could be incorporated
  • Your vision to create the best possible experience for new participants to the program 

 Job offers will be confirmed after the next LBTC Board meeting by March/April.   

Emily Sternberg – esternberg1@gmail.com

Caroline Mandell – cgibbings@gmail.com