Become a Member

Membership is open to those persons and their families who own or rent cottages with frontage on Lake of Bays.

Members pay an initiation fee and annual dues.

If a family has 2 cottages on Lake of Bays, each family cottage is required to have a membership.

Members with unpaid annual dues over 2 years will be asked to pay all past dues or will be deemed to have resigned (initiation fees will apply for re-instatement).

Annual dues cannot be deferred or put on hold for members that have a temporary change of circumstance, except for lifetime members or a single member medical leave of absence. In the latter case, we require a doctor’s certificate and a $25 fee in lieu of annual dues that year.

Single members on medical leave cannot play as a guest.

Initiation Fees

Family membership: $450

Single membership: $225

Annual Dues (all members)

Family: $250

Single: $200

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